was invented as the oldest sport in the world!

If athletics is the queen of sports,
then coccoball is the king of all sports!

Coccoball is the only sport in the world in which:

Women have to act as referees to men!
You play with a hairy ball that weighs 2 kilos!
The players wear sleeveless t-shirts with just one shoulder strap!
Small and big basket are placed on palm trees and inside the field!
There is no so-called my side and your side!
Everything is allowed, except the things you wouldn't like to happen to you!

Coccoball is the sport with the least rules!

Coccoball is the best way of getting rid of extra adrenalin!


Acknowledgement for the best innovation in Dalmatia (Split)
Gold medal for the Croatian sport innovation (Zagreb)
Bronze medal at the innovation fair in Nurnberg (Germany)
Silver medal at the innovation fair in Moscow (Russian Federation)
Gold medal at the innovation fair in Pittsburgh (USA)
The city of Ploče Award
Acknowledgement for the most original innovation in Croatia (Zagreb)

Regulations of the game, the ball, the baskets and the t-shirts are all protected by copyright

what is COCCOBALL?

Coccoball is the sport of all sports because it comprises the characteristics of the most popular modern sports - like football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, handball etc.
Coccoball is played in summer and in winter.
In summer it is played on sand or in shallow water. The teams have 3 players each who play on the field of 16 x 8 meters.
The players play barefoot and they wear sleeveless t-shirts with just one shoulder strap.
In winter it is played on a basketball court indoors, under maximum protection, by the teams of five players each.
It is played 3 x 10 minutes of active time measuring, and 3 x 3 minutes at tournaments.
The aim is to put the hairy ball, which weighs 2 kilos, into the small or the big (depending on its height) basket which are placed on palm trees inside the field. Putting the ball into the small basket scores one cocco (point) for the team and into the big one two coccos (points).
All the lines represent out, and there is no so-called my side or your side. The player's back has to be turned to the spectators while he's placing the ball back into the game.
Coccoball can be played with any part of the body. All moves, grips and contacts can be used besides those that can hurt the opponent.
When the game is played by men, the referee has to be a woman and vice versa.

Coccoball was invented at the mouth of the river Neretva, in the city of Ploče. Dozens of tournaments and public presentations have been played so far. Besides numerous awards at the innovation fairs, the most important achievements are:

  1. Summer tour throughout the cities on the Adriatic coast, entirely sponsored by Siemens mobile.
  2. Winning the competition «What is the guest to do when it rains», organised by Riviera Holding in Poreč.
  3. Presentations for children, organised by Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship.
  4. The first Croatian Championship that was held in the summer of 2005.
  5. The including of coccoball in the programs of Team Building.

Owing to its simplicity, dynamics and attractiveness, coccoball has established itself as an original type of tourist beach-entertainment, equally loved by men, women and children who play it. It is particularly amusing when it's played in different combinations such as men vs. women, women vs. women, mixed teams etc., but these combinations are possible only during presentations and entertainment tournaments. When coccoball is played at official tournaments and matches, the same rules as in other sports are applied.

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